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Plan Details - Southern California

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Location Coverage level Plan name
(Select during ProviderSearch)
California Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver PPO AON California PPO (Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver)
California Platinum PPO AON California PPO (Platinum PPO)
Call 888-926-1692 to confirm provider availability
Southern California Gold II HMO Southern California HMO SmartCare (Gold II)
Southern California Platinum HMO Southern California HMO SmartCare (Platinum HMO)
Call 888-926-1692 to confirm provider availability
California out-of-state travel/dependents Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, and Platinum PPO National PPO – First Health

SmartCare HMO Network

Available in Southern California Gold and Platinum levels

The heart of SmartCare is a local HMO provider network that connects members to providers and hospitals. Ideal for members that prefer a primary doctor to coordinate all their medical care at more predictable costs. Simply choose a primary care physician (PCP) from our SmartCare network of providers.


Available in Southern California Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, and Platinum levels

Health Net's PPO plans give members the flexibility to go directly to any doctor of their choosing – without having to select a PCP for care or referrals. Our PPO plans offer a large network of local medical providers and cover a wide range of medical services. For even more convenience, no claims need to be filed when members visit an in-network provider. And the First Health network that's available to members in Health Net's PPO plans provides access to participating providers outside of California.

Remember, to keep your costs as low as possible, go to doctors and specialists in your plan's PPO network. Doctors who aren't in your network may charge more than Health Net will pay. You may have to pay the difference between what the out-of-network doctor charges and what Health Net pays. This is called balance billing. You pay these costs in addition to your deductible, copays, coinsurance and your monthly premium. Balance billing amounts are not covered by your plan and won't apply to your annual deductible or your out-of-pocket maximum.

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care is for a situation that is urgent but not life-threatening. Urgent care centers are convenient and economical and staffed by physicians. They are especially useful when you are out of your usual service area.*

Find a doctor or facility when traveling or for dependents living out of state

PPO: First Health® providers are available to you only when traveling outside your home state.

Find a First Health provider

* Refer to your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document for benefit and coverage information pertaining to urgent care services.