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Plan Details - Oregon

Effective 1/1/2023, the Health Net Plan of Oregon will no longer be available

Plans and Networks - ProviderSearch
Available through December 31, 2022

Important: Reference the plan grid below to find a doctor, hospital or other provider in your plan.

Oregon: Click the FIND A DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL button below to get started.

Want to know more before making your choice? Connect here to learn the ratings of hospitals:

Leapfrog – Hospital quality ratings

Location Members Coverage level Plan name
(Select during ProviderSearch)
Oregon For members residing in Oregon Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Oregon (all coverage levels)
(Out-of-state travel including dependents)
For members travelling outside of their home state Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum National PPO – First Health


Health Net's PPO plans give members the flexibility to go directly to any doctor of their choosing – without having to select a PCP for care or referrals. Our PPO plans offer a large network of statewide providers and cover a wide range of medical services. For even more convenience, no claims need to be filed when members visit an in-network provider.

Find a doctor or facility when traveling or for dependents living out of state

PPO: First Health® providers are available to you only when traveling outside your home state.

Find a First Health provider